In Boston AA, newcomer-seducing is called 13th-Stepping¹ and is regarded as the province of true bottom-feeders.

1 As in a combination of the First and Twelfth steps, goes the AA joke: “My Life Is Unmanageable And I Want To Share It With You.”

(from Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace)

"It was only then you realized how ordinary the barely possible had been made to appear — and it is the crash rather than the perfect somersaults that express the truth, the essence of the activity."

(from But Beautiful by Geoff Dyer)

I can’t stand to be with anyone and I don’t want to be alone.
Give a man a poem, and he will starve for a day—but teach a man to be a poet, and he will starve for a lifetime
Christian Bok
Roberto Bolaño (via)

Roberto Bolaño (via)


Alexandra Davy

Lignes Verts

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William Burroughs reads Naked Lunch

Writing and rewriting. Does it matter if it is the same thing, every day? Every time? What does it mean that I want to write the same story, the same anecdote over and over and over again, that it wasn’t gone the first time, that I have tried to capture the story of Y so many times, with so many variations, that the variations are now more real than my memories? What does it mean about the real people that I am writing about? Is it still real people that I am writing about? I am still using memories to write about them. If it isn’t about them, who am I writing about?